Pinterest 50 points 10% of final grade
Weekly Summary 100 points 20% of final grade
Keyword Curation 200 points 40% of final grade
Attendance/Participation 100 points 20% of final grade
Final Exam 50 points 10% of final grade

I have created a collective Pinterest account to which everyone can contribute (username: fashpow2014). Each pin will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Image content is novel (something similar has not already been posted by a classmate)
  • Image is accompanied by a caption that explains the content of the image and its relevance to the assigned readings and concept(s) therein
  • Caption demonstrates thorough engagement with the concepts from the readings, including author names and page number references
  • Explanation meaningfully incorporates at least one of the course keywords

Pins that meet all criteria will earn a check-plus (3 points). Pins that meet all but one of the criteria will earn a check (2 point). Pins meeting 2 or fewer criteria will earn a check-minus (1 point). You can earn up to 50 points on pins. There is no fixed number of pins you must do; you are limited to one pin per reading however. In order to receive any credit for a pin, it must be posted by midnight before the day on which the reading is assigned in the syllabus. You must also indicate who you are with your first name or initials.

Weekly Summary
You will sign up in pairs to create a blog post that expertly summarizes one week’s readings as well as the corresponding class discussions/activities (to be posted by 11:59pm on the Sunday following your assigned week). Your post should have a title, be at least 1000 words in length, and include at least one image per reading (you are welcome to consult the class Pinterest for image ideas). Images must be linked and/or captioned with their original source (not Pinterest or a Google Images search or a plain white page with just the image on it). The writing should be polished and the prose should be clear. Feel free to editorialize – your own (respectful) opinions and responses to the reading/screening/discussion are welcome but not required. You may divide up the work however you like, but all group members will receive a collective grade – this means you’re each responsible for making sure all the required elements are included. Imagine that your audience is a classmate who wasn’t in class that week, or just an educated person interested in learning more about “Fashion and Power.” Keep in mind that your peers will be consulting your post as they review for the final exam. I may award extra credit for posts that are positively evaluated by the class.

Keyword Curation
You will create a blog post in which you curate a themed collection (at least 5 images) that illuminates the meaning of one of the course keywords. To supplement your image collection, you will provide a written explanation of the keyword concept, drawing on assigned readings where appropriate. Your collection should not only be guided by a chosen keyword, but should also have a distinct, identifiable theme, preferably related to your personal interests in fashion or your career aspirations in fashion. You will submit a preliminary thesis statement and outline, which will be graded and returned to you with feedback. Your final product will be graded for visual and technical polish, as well as the quality of your written analysis. A more detailed rubric will be provided in April when the official assignment is distributed.

Download full assignment requirements

This course involves many participatory, in-class activities, which will be factored into your final grade. See the policies below on attendance and participation.

Final Exam
The final exam will be a cumulative, open-note, essay exam to be held on the last day of class (5/12/14).