Week 1: Introduction
1/27: Introductions – no readings
1/29: Wilson, “Adorned in Dreams”
Roach and Eicher, “The Language of Personal Adornment”

Week 2: How to think about fashion
2/3: Hebdige, “From Culture to Hegemony”
Davis, “Do Clothes Speak? What Makes Them Fashion?”
2/5: Wilson, “Fashion and City Life”
Simmel, “Fashion”

Week 3: Status & Display
2/10: Veblen, Theory of the Leisure Class (excerpts)
2/12: Bourdieu, Distinction (excerpts)
Young, “Signaling Status with Luxury Goods”

Week 4: Questioning Trickle-Down Fashion
2/17: No class (Presidents’ Day)
2/19: McRobbie, “Second-Hand Dresses and the Role of the Ragmarket”
Marwick, “Conspicuous and Authentic”

Week 5: Negotiating the Fashion System
2/24: Fiske, “The Jeaning of America”
Dant, “Consuming or Living With Things?”
2/26: Khaled, “The Enduring, Insufferable Hipster”
Grief, “The Hipster In the Mirror”

Week 6: Subculture
3/3: Hebdige, Subculture: The Meaning of Style, Part One
3/5: Hebdige, Subculture: The Meaning of Style, Part Two

Week 7: Bodily Transgression
3/10: Stallybrass & White, “From Carnival to Transgression”
Lundoff, “Tattoo Me”
3/12: Vale & Juno, “Modern Primitives”
Sweetman, “Anchoring the (Postmodern) Self? Body Modification, Fashion and Identity”

Spring Recess 3/17-3/23

Week 8: Style Politics
3/24: Mercer, “Black Hair/Style Politics”
3/26: Cosgrove, “The Zoot Suit and Style Warfare”
Portwood-Stacer, “’I’m Not Joining Your World’: Performing Political Dissent through Spectacular Self-Presentation”

Week 9: Cultural Appropriation
3/31: Tu, “”The Cultural Economy of Asian Chic”
Yang, “Why the Rise of Asia in Fashion Isn’t As Beautiful As It Seems”
4/2: hooks, “Eating the Other”
Hix, “Why the ‘Native’ Fashion Trend Is Pissing Off Real Native Americans”

Week 10: Fashion as Industry
4/7: Wilson, “The Fashion Industry”
Wissinger, “Modeling Consumption”
4/9: Beard, “The Branding of Ethical Fashion and the Consumer: A Luxury Niche or Mass-Market Reality?”
Keyword Curation assigned

Week 11: Femininity & Discipline
4/14: Nelson, “Dress Reform and the Bloomer”
Foucault, “Docile Bodies”
Bartky, “Foucault, Femininity, and Patriarchal Power”
4/16: Jantzen, Ostergaard, & Vieira “Becoming a ‘Woman to the Backbone’: Lingerie Consumption and the Experience of Feminine Identity”

Week 12: Masculinity & Transformation
4/21: Frank, “Fashion and Flexibility”
Keyword Curation thesis statement & outline due in class
4/23: Butler, “Imitation and Gender Insubordination”
Newton, “Role Models”
Frye, “Politics of Reality”

Week 13: Sexuality & Self-Presentation
4/28: Kennedy & Davis, “‘We’re Going to be Legends, Just Like Columbus Is’: The Butch-Fem Image and the Lesbian Fight for Public Space”
Austin, “Femme-inism”
Moore, “Lipstick or Timberlands? Meanings of Gender Presentation in Black Lesbian Communities”
4/30: Keyword Curation skeleton must be posted to website by class time

Week 14: Exam Review
5/5: Keyword Curation must be posted by class time
5/7: Review

Week 15: Final Exam
5/12: Final exam held in class